My Animals

My 4 legs best friends

. HIBI the sweet naughty and cuddly dog, who unfortunately disappeared in dicembre 2018. I am still hoping that one day she will be back home again...

. MAX the clumsy dog who impresses but who is only love, love, love, ...

. VIVA the greedy white Mare who will come to say hello to you in the morning,

. CHLOÉ the white kitten hiding from visitors,

TOMY the tiger cat that like to play and is so curious that likes encrusted everywhere ...

. and OBY the new dog of the house. The funniest and sweetest  dog I never had .


If you are allergic to animals this is unfortunately not the home for you.

If you are lovers animals and nature you will love SON ALOUI and the positive energy it generate.

If you would prefer, my dogs can be totally locked in the part of the annex with me (or the person in charge) if you rented the house or in the part of the main house if you rented the annex ... And ten they won't be able to come to see you.
Do not feel guilty, their playground will always be big enough, as well in the main house garden as at the annex garden...

If yourself have animals you must warn me so that we discuss about it and I will give you the "green light" or not to come with them