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About me

The Story Of My Life In Balearics Islands

I lived more than 20 years in Ibiza.

These last 10 years I put lots of energy (and money) in a house that I rented there (CAN ALOUI Ibiza) and that I rent back through website like Airbnb.

This house has been magical for me.

My contract ended at the end of 2017 and the owners wished to get back their property.


So I started looking for a new home and I found this beautiful property to buy. This one is not in Ibiza...  I could not afford it. So I find it on the opossite island: Mallorca.

I did not choose to come to Mallorca ... I just fell in love with the property. It was love at first sight... I spotted it on the internet, I took a plane to go to see it and 15 days later it was mine! She had everything I was asking for : in the countryside but not too far from the civilization, flat terrain, a view of the mountains, space for my mare, an annex to make a studio, etc ... It has all I had asked the universe for.

It's a new stage in my life and this time I will be able to put all my art and energy into my own good.

So, since November 2017 I have moved all my belongings, and my pets to all live here.


Since August 2018 I have the licence to do vacacional rental (Licence L12E7188) so, I will be able to transform it year after year and make it more cosy, comfortable and charming for my guests, my animals and me.

I also have some houses that I offer for rent in Ibiza. They all belong to friends who live on the island all year long. These charming houses are all legal, with tourist license.

In addition to all these activities I start a new activity in 2021, "Mi-EcoCiclo" were I offer ecologique alternative and home made articles. I invite you to have a look in my online boutique to know more about it (


I hope to see you very soon in my new little nest of peace SON ALOUI'S Mallorca. 

gardening son aloui majorca
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