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"Son Aloui" & "Son Aloui Mini" are located in the heart of the Mallorca...  The perfect starting point to visit the whole island.

The houses depends of "Llubi" (8 km away) but the nearest town, "Muro", is only 3 km away.

- The closest city (second largest city after Mallorca) :  is "Inca" and it is only 16 km away (20 min by car).
- The nearest beach : "Playa del Muro" is only 16 km away (15 min by car).
- The "Puerto de Alcudia": is only 23 km (28 min)
- The airport: 52 km is only 40 min by car on the highway

Son Aloui

Sandrine Blasco

Ma-3442 - 07440 LLUBÍ 

(Balearics Islands - SPAIN)

Tel: +34-650 45 19 99


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